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Monday, June 12, 2006

Don't have to let high gas prices ruin your budget

You don't have to let high gas prices ruin your budgetNo matter how high gas prices go, you are still in control of how much you spend - or save - on gas.

The most obvious way to save gas is to cut back on driving. If you don't have to go anywhere, don't.

Instead of a Sunday afternoon drive, rediscover your back yard. Instead of going out to a movie, play a board game. Instead of driving to the park, take a walk with the kids.

Wait. If you have a couple of things to do, but they're not pressing, wait until the next two or three things need to be done. Until and unless you have an errand that needs to be done immediately, wait and plan an excursion.

After you've combined errands, plan your trip to cover the fewest miles possible, but take into account busy streets where you might have to wait through long traffic lights or you might become entangled in a traffic jam.

Take careful note of your options; sometimes a few blocks out of the way can save gas, too.
If you have to drive to work every day anyway, take advantage of your route and do errands on the way to or home from work. Even if you have to go a little out of your way, you'll save money over going home and then driving back some other time. Again, wait and do them all at the same time if possible.

Carpool if and when you can, and not just going to work. Make a shopping trip a family or neighborhood affair. Sharing rides will save half of your cost and if you want to get into it big time, you can even share a ride across the nation.

Drive to an area where you want to shop or have errands to run, park the car and cover your business on foot. I discovered that our Walmart backs up to our KMart and that I can walk it in about three minutes. It takes much longer than that to cover the distance in a car. By the time I leave the parking lot, go through three stop lights, make a turn and find a parking place, I could already be inside and shopping.

Walk whenever it's possible, not just between stores, but from home to a store, bank, or wherever you go. If you're not used to walking, take shorter trips, then work on making them longer. Remember that human beings' original transportation was walking. Our bodies are made to walk and with a little common sense, it won't hurt them.

Bicycles, mopeds, gas or electric scooters, and motorcycles are a lot easier on the gas bill than the most economical gas burning vehicle. Mileage can be up to 10 times better than an autombile. Just think. If you could save nine tenths of the gas bill you're paying now, would you complain?

If public transportation is at all practical, use it. Busses and trains can save a lot of money, especially when you commute regularly. Although it isn't always practical, when public transportation is available, take advantage of it.

When you do use your vehicle, be careful of the way you drive. It can make a real difference in how much gas you burn. Slow take offs and slow stops and keeping speed down works.
Keep tires properly aired and your vehicle tuned up to get the best mileage. You will save money over the cost of maintenance and your car will last longer, too.

If you find that you're still burning more gas than you want to, think about downsizing to a one family car, or try a car sharing program to cut your overall transportation costs. You might have to drive just as much, but you won't have to pay insurance, license taxes, etc., on a car you don't own.

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