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Monday, June 12, 2006

Beat the petrol price rises Top 10 ways to cheaper motoring

Saving petrol makes economic sense. Prices at petrol pumps continue to rise and fuel, both diesel and petrol, is now more expensive than ever and prices are likely to continue rising. Monitoring fuel economy is more important than ever.There are other considerations too. Petrol and diesel vehicles produce carbon dioxide - a 'greenhouse' gas which has a significant effect on global warming and climate change. Pollution from cars may also adversely affect the health of vulnerable people - the elderly, asthmatics and those with heart or lung diseases.The best way to save money and the planet is to use your car less. One major insurance company is already considering 'pay as you go' motor insurance to make leaving your car at home even more attractive. Car sharing clubs are becoming more popular and many people are opting to work from home instead of commuting daily.

Here's how to save money

Don't cruise at 80 to 85 mph on motorways. Stick to the legal limit of 70 mph and save up to 4p a mile in small cars. (You can save even more at lower speeds - the Slower Speeds Initiative says that driving at 50 mph instead of 70 can cut your fuel bill by 30 per cent - but don't make this an excuse for obstructing other drivers.)

Check your tyre pressures often. Under-inflated tyres can cost you eight per cent more fuel (and they'll wear out faster too).

Have your car serviced regularly (or save even more money by doing it yourself). A well-maintained engine is more efficient and less polluting.

Drive smoothly and consistently; this can reduce fuel consumption by more than 10 per cent in urban areas. Saves wear and tear on brakes, tyres and suspension too. Fierce acceleration and harsh braking both cost money.

Use the gears so that your engine is operating at its most fuel efficient (usually the rpm where maximum torque is generated) - this could cut fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent.

Remove that roof rack! Fully loaded, a roof rack can add 30 per cent to fuel consumption. Even an empty ski rack may add seven to eight per cent.

Turn off the air conditioning system and the heated rear window when they're not needed to save 10 per cent at the pumps.

For potentially bigger savings, opt for a more efficient car - it will cause less pollution and will save you money on tax as well as fuel. Petrol/electric hybrids can travel 60 miles or more on a gallon of petrol!

Sharing a car on a journey divides the cost of the fuel and reduces congestion. Check out an online service such as

For short journeys, leave your car at home and walk or cycle instead. Use public transport where possible.

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