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Monday, June 12, 2006

Are you tired of the gasoline prices? Are you spending $85.00 to fill up your mini-van or $95 to $115.00 to fill up your SUV? Is this causing you to start having to charge this on your credit card rather than to pay for it out of your ATM Debit Card? Are you no longer volunteering to drive and letting someone else drive instead? Are you tired of the supply and demand of the market getting in the way of your quality of life? Do you feel helpless to it all?

Have you considered different driving techniques? Have you noticed yourself using cruise control more and gently pulling away from stop signs? Have you noticed yourself punching the gas peddle a lot less now? Have you noticed yourself coasting more to the stop signs and signals? Have you noticed others no longer doing jack-rabbit starts as soon as the light turns green? Interesting how much difference the gasoline prices make in our daily decisions from the way we drive, what road trips we go on how often we decide to leave our homes isn’t it.

Indeed America has altered their lifestyles to make-up for the high gasoline prices. And you know what this is exactly what you can do to lower prices too. If the demand is less and the supply is there, then the price will come down a little. We must conserve fuel, if for no other reason than just to save a little money for the better things in life. Think on this.

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