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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tire maintenance

When you regularly rotate your tires and check them for uneven use and
wear you will find that you are saving in both tires and gas costs.

After you have an alignment done on your car most mechanics will also
rotate the tires. This doesn’t by any means mean that you should wait until
you need an alignment to get those tires rotated.

Check your tires regularly to see how they are doing on wear and tear.

If your tires are showing signs of balding you’ll want to replace them
immediately since the better your tires are the better fuel consumption you’ll

Not only should you be maintaining the engine of your car, you should also
be paying attention to the tires that you are driving on.
Purchase a tire gauge and check your car’s tire pressure every month. When
you are driving around on tires that are under-inflated you can reduce the
fuel efficiency of your car by up to 2 percent for each pound that the tires are

Under-inflated tires wear out faster, which again contributes to higher gas

Not only will you save on gas consumption when you maintain your tires,
studies show that you will also save money on the maintenance of your
vehicle by up to $250 each year.

The best time to check your tire pressure is when it’s cool outside or in the
morning after your car has been sitting for several hours without driving.
Use appropriate tires for each season. When you put away your winter tires
in the warm weather you’ll be able to use them for at least two years.


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